Computer Science

Computer Science is taught by a specialist Computer Scientist with over 20 years of industry experience. Pupils get hands-on, practical STEM experience, especially in the IGCSE, which makes extensive use of the Raspberry Pi computer to teach students how to build computer systems such as intruder alarms and speed sensors that interface with the outside world. 


In KS3 pupils learn to programme computer games in Scratch, understand the importance of using computers safely, learn about cybercrime and develop skills in setting up and using spreadsheets and databases. They are also introduced to binary and computer architectures. Towards the end of KS3 they learn the Python programming language to prepare them for the optional IGCSE.


The optional IGCSE allows pupils to develop a much deeper understanding of computer science and covers - amongst other things - logic, machine code and CPUs, computer architectures, the Internet and WWW, data communications and computer ethics.

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